"Our Food, Our Staff, Our Community, Is Love."

—Lea Haas, Owner

Growing up, my parents owned a restaurant and it was the place I first witnessed the power of a restaurant to connect community, hearts and souls. The vision I always held for the Garden Café was one of community that reached beyond plates. To me, the café is a sacred space enhanced by all who visit.

Each day I am inspired by the bounty of fresh produce delivered, the creation that emerges from our kitchen, the beauty of our staff and the energy of all who pass through to share a meal.

All of our ingredients are organic and GMO free — and conscientiously made from scratch. We strive to use and support local producers when possible, and our food is prepared with the highest quality oils. We make careful choices about our ingredients and do not use any products that cause pain and suffering.

We are located in the heart of Woodstock, New York beneath the mystical shadow of Overlook Mountain. And our mission has always been to create a sense of homecoming to old friends and new — and to remind people of the power of their fork. Food is medicine.

— Lea Haas, Owner

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