The Power of YES

Oct 29, 2019

Original painting of the Garden Café by renowned artist, Mary Anna Goetz

YES is an affirmation of life — of your soul-calling. Recognize it, celebrate it, honor it and witness the invisible power it has to connect us all.


Hello November. This time of year is a moment of letting go…as leaves slip away, temperatures drop, layers of clothes are required. We don’t necessarily go easily. But for me personally, this time of year is a time of birthdays, celebrations and landmarks — each reminders of all the YES-es I have made.

The YES of becoming a mother. The YES of starting my own business. The YES of stepping into my own power and taking ownership of who I am at my core. YES. YES. YES. And each one transformed me in ways I could never have imagined. Though a magical 3-letter word, that doesn’t mean claiming it is easy. Indeed, a ‘YES’ can rattle you to the core. It is a commitment, it ignites the flame and spark of an idea, it awakens your soul as you leap with faith — nervous that your wings won’t flap fast enough as you take flight.

But they will and they do.

A true YES is a soul-calling.

I’m not talking about the ‘YES’ of people-pleasing; telling others what they want to hear simply to take the path of least resistance. That’s actually an abuse of YES. Rather, I’m talking about the YES of truth; the excitement in your belly, the nervousness, the delight.

October 15th was the anniversary of our café extension. I still recall the moment when the shop owners who had previously been there came to me and asked if I would take over their lease. My heart started to flutter. It was a huge, exciting, butterfly-inducing YES…but it was also an OMG how am I going to manage this only 4 months into my ownership of the café? I was scared. I didn’t feel ready. Though it was always a part of my dreams, my desires, my long-term plan…but now? Man, God was moving fast! So, I said my prayers, closed my eyes and leaped into that YES, a decision I have never regretted since.

So on October 15th of this year, I stood outside of the café and stared at her from a distance admiring her expanded self with such deep gratitude. It was as if she was always meant to be. She is a house that heals; she’s healed me and leaves an imprint upon all who pass through her. 

But it doesn’t end there. She also reminds me that in fact it is only the beginning of this becoming.

It takes courage to say YES.

The word ‘courage’ is one of my power words, my heart words, my prayer words. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe. It takes courage to hear where you are being called. It takes courage to help others find theirs.

But this story also includes all of those who said YES before me, who laid the groundwork and left a trail of breadcrumbs for me to collect — some I know, some I don’t, but they are all included in my prayers and a part of my journey to here.

Pam, the founder of the original café is a part of my gratitude list. Had she not said YES to her YES, I may not have been able to step into mine. Julie, my dear friend and investor, literally put her money where her mouth is and invested in me. My staff was like a team of adventurers setting off on an unknown expedition. We didn’t know where we were headed or where we would land, but we knew what we wanted to dish up. And YOU, you showed up. You weathered our growing pains, you came back again, you let us nurture you. Every time you walk into the café, the silent whisper of the action of your YES is heard and felt by me. I thank you.

Artist Mary Anna Goetz in her studio, with her two interpretations of The Garden Cafe

And a special shout out to renowned, local artist extraordinaire, Mary Anna Goetz who captured our beautiful café on her canvas. I mean seriously…does it get better than that?

Life isn’t a solo journey, it is tapestry of people who took courageous steps. It is a beautiful strand of YES-es strung together. Thank you for being a part of mine. Never underestimate the power of stepping into your beautiful YES.


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